The Boosters is a volunteer organization, which means we need YOU. You can help as little or as much as your schedule allows. Please consider volunteering!

Be sure to fill out the WISD volunteer background check form: Volunteer Background Check


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Volunteer Job Descriptions

  • Chaperones for football games and contests
    • Chaperones ride the student buses to away games and marching contests
    • Provide an adult presence and communicate any problems to the student bus captain
    • Provide any help that is needed to ensure that the kids are where they need to be, when they need to be there as well as looking and performing at their best. Chaperones often have safety pins, bobby pins, black socks and other ‘emergency’ items to quickly address minor problems throughout an event
    • Assist with game and contest meals
  • Concession stand workers for Tuesday, Thursday and Friday night games at Pirate Stadium throughout the fall
    • The concession stands provide our primary fundraising.
    • Possible jobs include: (we can train you to do any of these tasks)
      • Concession stand manager
      • Food prep (Frito pie, nachos, hot dogs, BBQ sandwiches)
      • Cash register
      • Popcorn prep
      • Coffee and hot chocolate prep (when needed)
      • Runner (fill orders of food and drink items)
  • Pit crew
    • Loads and unloads front ensemble, percussion, podiums, sound system and other equipment at all football games, contests and concerts
    • Provides water and other drinks at all of the above events as needed
    • May assist with moving equipment on and off of the field
  • Finance committee
    • One finance parent is needed at each school to handle booster related funds
    • 2 or 3 individuals are needed to count income after games and other fundraisers
    • Support the booster club treasurer as needed
  • Involvement committee
    • Help increase member involvement in all band events and fundraisers
    • Be a parent ‘section leader’ to help disseminate information and volunteer opportunities to the parents of kids in a particular instrument section (tuba, percussion, etc.)
    • Newsletter and website content updates
  • Fundraising committee
    • Evaluate and recommend various fundraising opportunities available to the booster club
  • Band Gala committee
    • Decorations
    • Food arrangements
    • Senior posters and gifts
    • Setup
    • Clean up
    • Sign in table at the Gala
    • Entertainment arrangements
    • Etc.