Director: Walter Jackson

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Remember: Posture, keep the spinning elbow in close to your side, open the arm/elbow of the opposite arm as you might in ball room dancing, quick door-knob opening twists with the wrists, build strength and dexterity by performing small exercises of really low weight.

Try to practice in front of a large mirror, sliding glass door, or reflective material. You might also video yourself and then evaluate the exercise. This will ensure that you correct your mistakes and work toward muscle-memory.

Most of us have a weaker “left” side (wrist and arm muscle) so make sure that you train effectively by spending a little more time on L exercises to build and maintain dexterity in both arms/wrists/hands.

Keep a practice log. It will be fun and easy way to watch your growth over the summer. If you need help developing one, just let me know and we can look at some examples!

Weapon Technique List

  • 100 Spins – Bottom (Neck for Rifle/Blade for Sabre) AND Top (Bolt for Rifle/Cristine for Sabre)
  • Flourishes – 3 sets each side
  • Starts and Stops – 3 sets each side
  • 1-handed Double time – Up to 100 spins
  • 2-handed Double time – Up to 100 spins
  • Spin Medley – 3 sets each side
  • Tosses up to Triples/Quads Minimum (Triples for Blade tosses)
Flag Technique List
  • 100 Drop spins, ending with a “drop stop”
  • Carves – 4s, 2s, 1s, Around-the-World
  • “Pull-hits” – Straight up, Angle, Flat, and Tag ending
  • Thumb Flips – Tab to Bottom Tape and back to Tab
  • “Dandelions”/Backhands
  • Tosses:
    • Singles, 1.5s, Doubles from the silk
    • 45 tosses up to doubles
    • Pop Toss
    • Flat toss

Equipment Maintenance


Flag tips should be taped over in an asterisk * pattern, with both ends of each piece of tape wrapping just inside the cap, then taped around the cap and onto the pole 2-3 inches.

Poles should have “thirds” taped around the pole 3-4 times every 12″. These are to help with hand placements on the flag.


Strapping tape is used to help strengthen the rifle and prevent damage or breaking.

Cover the pads of the tip and butt of the rifle with strapping tape, then continue to tape 3-4″ from the tip and enough to cover the clip of the butt. From the center of the rifle, strapping tape should extend roughly 2″ onto the barrel away from the bolt and through the neck of the gun. Tape over each clip for durability and then wrap white vinyl electrical tape “candy cane” style over all sections covered with strapping tape.

Wrap black vinyl electrical tape around the bolt before screwing it back onto the barrel of the gun. Make sure to place a strip of tape over the screws for a seamless look afterwards.


For the Hilt, Tape of the bottom screw asterisk * style 2-3 times for extra padding, then tape “candy cane” style over the entire handle so as to cover any silver and secure the tape over the screw.

For the Blade, you must first find the balance point and catch tape. The balance point is located where the sabre is evenly balanced on one finger, and the catch tape is 11″ from the untaped tip. Tape around the blade 3-4 times with white vinyl electrical tape to secure their location. Afterwards, the blade should be taped “candy cane” style twice over from the hilt to the tip. Tape around the very base of the blade a few times and “coil” the tip for extra padding.