Director: Walter Jackson

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Rifle Technique List

Remember: Posture, keep the spinning elbow in close to your side, open the arm/elbow of the opposite arm as you might in ball room dancing, quick door-knob opening twists with the wrists, build strength and dexterity by performing small exercises of really low weight.

Try to practice in front of a large mirror, sliding glass door, or reflective material. You might also video yourself and then evaluate the exercise. This will ensure that you correct your mistakes and work toward muscle-memory.

Most of us have a weaker “left” side (wrist and arm muscle) so make sure that you train effectively by spending a little more time on L exercises to build and maintain dexterity in both arms/wrists/hands.

Keep a practice log. It will be fun and easy way to watch your growth over the summer. If you need help developing one, just let me know and we can look at some examples!

Exercise Side Qnty
Spins R/L 25-100 based on your strength
Flourishes R/L 3 sets on each side
One-handed spins R/L 3 sets on each side
Starts and Stops R/L – Hands and Body 3 sets on each side
One-handed double fast R only 2 sets
Two-handed double fast R only 2-4 sets


Equipment Maintenance

Flags: All Tips/stoppers/etc… must be securely fastened (taped) with a quality brand electrical tape (3M). Also, please ensure that your 6′ pole has 1/6th tape marks (even inside the sleeve of the flag). All flag silks should be free of loose thread and holes. Please bring this to my attention if you need assistance.

Rifle and Sabres: Please ensure that the Tips on each end are securely taped (saber tip must be slightly padded). Also, check for a spotter tape on the back side of your rifle and saber. The saber should also have a “balance” tape at the point where the saber balances evenly on your finger. The swivels on the rifle should be secured as to not become loose which can cause injury. The belt or strap on the rifle should have the small screws taped in black and be taunt (tight)-not dropping or loose. We will talk more about rifle maintenance soon.

Remember: The colorguard equipment is not to be loaned or shared to persons not in the colorguard. This equipment can be dangerous and cause injury if not used properly. Also, please do not leave equipment on the bus or at home. You are responsible for its well being, maintenance, and safety.