TWB Marchathon 2017 Route Map

Direct Link to volunteer:

Schedule is approximate except for the start:

  • 7:30am Everyone walking/driving in the parade arrives at Smith Elementary
  • 8:00am Step off on the route
  • 8:30am Volunteers arrive for rest stop 1 (Country Ridge Estates pool) for set up
  • 9:00am Band starts arriving at rest stop 1 (in single file line)
  • 9:30am Band leaves rest stop 1
  • 9:45am Volunteers arrive for rest stop 2 (Wylie UMC) for set up of coolers ONLY
  • 10:15am Band starts arriving at Wylie UMC (in single file line)
  • 10:35am Load buses at WUMC to head to Tom Thumb
  • 10:45am Arrive at Tom Thumb
  • 11:00am March through Tom Thumb
  • 11:30am Load buses at Tom Thumb to head to Kroger
  • 11:40am Arrive at Kroger
  • 11:50am March Through Kroger
  • 12:20pm Leave Kroger and March to WHS (Cooper/McMillan student dismissal)
  • 12:30pm TWB Dismissal at WHS

Upcoming Events:

    • July 31- August 4 @ 7:00am-4:00pm: Summer Band, Week 1 (EVERYONE) COMPLETE!
    • August 7- 11 @ 7:00am-4:00pm: Summer Band, Week 2 (EVERYONE) COMPLETE!
  • August 14, 15, 17 @ 5:00pm-8:30pm: Summer Band, Week 3 (COMPETITION BAND ONLY)
    • Competition Band Members will be selected over the course of the first two weeks of summer band.
    • Students not making the competition band are invited to come to these rehearsals to continue learning and have the possibility of earning a spot in the competition show as needed.
  • August 18 @ 7-11am: LAST DAY OF SUMMER BAND (EVERYONE)